Sunday, 22 July 2007

Fait Accompli

The day dawned warm and sunny for the school Summer Fayre. This year good weather is at a premium and everyone was relived and pleased to see such a fine day.

Netty and I, inevitably, were running the cake stall and we were being helped by Oat Cuisine, one of the foodie teachers.

Most of the small cakes and some larger ones had been made by the Year 10 GCSE Students and a very good job they had made of them. Larger items were supplied by us and some other home made donations had been received. First to find our pitch, which we knew was to be somewhere in the sixth form centre. Tables located and there they were, the compulsory mass produced cakes from the person who either can't make cakes or hasn't got the time but feels obliged to bring something along. But why do they have to buy the cheapest they can find? A dozen tin foiled apple pies for 99p, 20 iced fairy cakes for 60p. These are not exceedingly good cakes, I'm not sure they even qualify as cakes, 2 jam donoughts from the bakers would be better. The strange thing is no one ever owns up to bring these items, they just appear. Perhaps they just wander aimlessly through the universe looking for cake stalls.

Having located our pitch we set about unwrapping the goodies. I had the misfortune to be left with the job of unwrapping the madelines, as the cling film was removed all the cherries fell off. I spent the next 10 minutes re-cherrying the madelines, not an easy task and a somewhat sticky job but all was well in the end.

The Fayre started at 11.00am, and business was slow to start with and Oaty started fussing and mumbling about bad location and not enough advertising and constructing improvised signs from cardboard boxes. Netty and I were not so bothered, being old hands at such things. Then the customers started to come in and yes, the first customer did present us with a £20 note but with over £60 of change we thought, no problem. We were wrong, nearly every customer had high value notes and we were soon out of change.We over came this hurdle by much robbing of Peter and paying back Paul but all was well in the end.

Business came in fits and starts but by about 2.00pm all was sold and we could head for home. We made just short of £150 for the various school charities and departments. Netty and I were pleased with the day and might even be prepared to work with Oaty again. The PA and organisers seemed very happy with our efforts and I have a strong suspicion we might have to do it all again next year.

Note for future reference: If you want to take photos of the day, try and use a camera that isn't one of the earlier steam driven digital models and preferably not one that belongs to the school as they never seem to work well

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