Sunday, 22 July 2007

Cake and Two Veg, Second Course

Further to the previous post, I have found the following;

Courgette, Orange and Date Slice,
Parsnip and Banana Slice,
Courgette and Caraway Muffins.

I have not tried any of these but they are all suitable for vegans. In addition Classical Jones informs me of a Chocolate and Vinegar Cake. When Googled there are hundreds of recipes for this, they are mainly American as the recipes are in "cups" and there is a microwave effort.

Sorry but the words baking and microwave do not really go together. Baking should be for enjoyment and relaxation not "I lead such a busy life, I can only make a cake in 7 mins at 800W". Better a simple rock cake from a conventional oven, eaten warm and crumbly with a nice cup of coffee. Forty minutes (max) from start to finish. Oooh Lovely!

Even more weirdness;
I've just remembered the following and I have located the recipes so it was not a dream (nightmare?) Chocolate Surprise Cake, the surprise is using a jar of mayonnaise. Not such a bad idea, after all mayonnaise is made from eggs and oil. And then from the depths of my mind I recalled a recipe and then thought "no it can't be" but yes I found a recipe for a cake using a tin of tomato soup! I think I will stop now but I've a horrible feeling that this is not the end of the matter.


Anonymous said...

I have the Blue Peter recipe for tomato soup cake, I even have the tin of soup in the cupboard, I just haven't summoned up the courage to make one yet! I have made the choc mayo cake a few times and very good it was too. The only thing that concerned me was that the mayonnaise would contain quite a lot of salt. I seem to remember that the cake took a small jar of Hellman's mayonnaise and I was collecting the jars for chutney making for a church Christmas Fayre!

Mrs Mc said...

The recipe for the mayo cake is in the Sue Lawrence Book of Baking.
If you get the recipe would could have a go at the tomato one and then we could blame each other