Sunday, 6 June 2010

Where did the last two years go?

No excuses, just lots of changes that included a gall bladder out and a new kitchen in, I hasten to add not from the same place in either case. An appalling summer, an awful winter. Daughter progressing in her career and changing jobs and locations and just life in general, people coming and going and also ill-health from the computer, requiring cranking up that left one too knackered to bother with such indulgences as blogging.

In addition there was the small matter of organising a "Flower Festival" that took up a chunk of time and was a huge success and then there was the school summer fair and the harvest fayre and so the list goes on, I ain't been twiddling my thumbs!

Anyhooo as all the "hip and trendy" people say, I will try and resurrect this blog, and share my thoughts with anyone who cares to read

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