Wednesday, 20 June 2007

More Tea Vicar?

A few months ago it transpired that my friend, Antoinette, had been asked to provide a few sweetmeats to celebrate the induction of a new vicar at her church. Being an ex-Brownie and a fairy (cake) at that, I said I would lend a hand; also in the spirit of inter-faith goodwill I thought it would do no harm. Well, Netty had got a little carried away and must have been baking until the cows came home (for the milk and butter) and all her chickens came home to roost (for the eggs). I got the job of cutting two very large rich fruit cakes into about 72 pieces (crumbs!) and dividing many a sponge into portions - I'm not known as Mac the Knife for nothing. Well I will try and list all the cakes and I'm sure she will correct me if I'm omit anything but here goes:
  • Fruit cake (dark and golden)
  • Welsh Cakes (with and without gluten)
  • Courgette and lime
  • Toffee Coffee
  • Lemon Drizzle
  • Madelines
  • Almond Muffins with Rose decorations
  • Banana and Walnut
  • Victoria Sandwich Cakes (Blackcurrant, Apricot and Chocolate)
  • Other Gluten Free constructions

After all that cutting and plating, the sevice started with assorted bishops, deans, and mayors and lieutenants of the county. Being of the Roman persuasion I was surprised at this large civic presence and by the allegience to the Monarch etc but remembering the history I suppose I should have been prepared for that. No kneeling, no incense not many bells but all in all a touching service and the vicar - A LADY - seemed a good sort.

As with any denomination as soon as the last hymn starts those who are doing the refreshments dive for the door to get the food uncovered and the drinks poured before the usual merry making and all the socialising begins. After an hour or so its time to start the clearing up but had Netty taken notice of the previous entry, How to run a cake stall? She had not!! No rubbish bags! So poor old Louis had to go home to get some; the poor soul had been backwards and forwards so much that day that he nearly lost his head. Anyway, I have now reached the Higher Level band 2 for table clearing using only a black bin bag and a paper plate. Eventaually all was done and everybody agreed that it was a truly splendid occassion.

Note. Sandwiches by Kerry of Footscray, just in case you thought it was only cake.
I reached home, tired and with cake cutters back, to be greeted by her indoors:"What time do you call this? I've told you about staying up late on a school night!" Me 53, Her 24 (years old)
Thanks Netty, it was a lot of fun. What's next? We will have to see what fate has in store.

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Anonymous said...

How could you forget the Chocolate orange marbled drizzle cake?
Thanks to Carole for making the tablecloth, Jo for arranging the flowers, Glenys for the cake labels and Doreen and Ken for folding the serviettes! Louis(Lord Dudley) for the coming and going and Siân for laying out the bar so professionally. Most of all for Penny for having the faith in us to do it.
I think I have remembered everyone, it's a bit like the Oscars isn't it?